Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm nervous about my new sitter.

Since J has started working second shift again, my workout schedule has gone to crap. (The month he was on seconds before, I was laid up from my ACL Reconstruction Surgery. I couldn't do anything!)

Now, I can't go workout because all my sitters to watch Aubrey are 25 minutes away and I workout by my house. Not worth all the driving. I could get my workout done in the early freakin' am... but that's not me. I am not a morning person. This began my search for a sitter to watch her a couple nights a week for two hours.

When I got laid off from my previous employer, I tried to find sitter jobs on this website I was only off for a month so I didn't end up taking any jobs. I am now visiting this website to find a sitter for Aubrey. I posted the job a couple days ago and I have already had 24 applicants! I want a responsible teenager that will have fun with Aubrey not an old grouchy woman. I found this one girl, B. B seems to be awesome. Her email to me.
I think I'd be very good for this job, one because I am very responsible, two I live close and three I am a cheerleader myself for Xoxoxo All Stars. I love kids and I hope you message me back.

Her profile: I am very responsible. I am a very experienced babysitter. I have babysat up to 9 kids at once. The youngest child I've babysat was 11 days old and the oldest was 13-years-old. I love kids. When I babysit, I don't just sit on my phone, I engage in activities with the kids. I like them to have fun, but in a safe way. I need this job, because I am going away to college next year and would like to save up. Thanks.
He is an All Star cheerleader, a high school cheerleader, and a cheer coach. She fits perfectly into our lives! I think she will play with and entertain Aubrey more than my own cousin would.

So, why am I so nervous about it then? I know I am overreacting but all these bad things keep running through my head. She's going to steal my kid? She's going to hurt her? She's going to take her to someone else that will steal her or hurt her? I know. Paranoid. Do I actually think this will happen? No. I mean teenagers watch kids all. the. time.

I will be doing my research. I think I might call the All Star squad to find out about her and her parents. I already asked a cheerleader that I know from the gym if she knows her and what she thought about her. (They go to the same school.) She said she is kind of quite but she likes her!

If you were me, would you be nervous or am I just overreacting? Do you have any advice for me? Also, what do you think about the pay amount?

We meet her on Wednesday and I am having her watch Aubrey on Thursday.