Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm going to be a Rock Star!

I just registered for All-Star Presenter Camp on November 5-6!! Last time I registered, it was cancelled because of low enrollment so hopefully it happens this time! I am SUPER excited to attend this 2-day, 18 hours, of AWESOME Training!!

The first day starts at 8am and goes to 6pm! I read throught the maual and on the first day we go through 'Mad Skillz' (Music, Cueing and Practical Combination). A Turbo Kick Workout follows and then moving on to 'Killer Skillz...The WOW Factor', Personal Branding, Speaking Skills and then the written test!

The second day continues at 8am with a PiYo or Hip Hop Hustle Workout, Communication, Application Process. Expert Advice and Q&A, Practical Assessment Testing, and concludes with another Turbo Kick or Hip Hop Hustle workout!!

I know I will pass this course but I don't know what I will be ranked... Rising Star (79% or lower), All Star (80%-89%), Rock Star (90% or higher). I really hope I get Rock Star!

Now, I just need to find a 'real' studio to teach at. I love teaching at the Sparks gym but it is sooo busy in there and I need mirrors and a mic. Haha! I love being able to help the cheer moms take hold of their fitness goals and when the gym moves to it's new location, I hope I can get my 'own' space. I had my first personal training session last Saturday and it was fun! I loved being able to help that mom and she said I gave her a great workout. She even told me she hated me! (That's a compliment because I pushed her that hard!)