Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love me some drama!

First, Vienna is a fake. Everything about her is fake. I didn't like her on The Bachelor and I still don't like her. Jake was being sincere and she just pooped on him. I want her and her frog-toned BF to go home. Casey sounds like he needs to blow his nose. He's just gross.

Jake may be faking it but at least he was the bigger person and apologized. I am hoping he wins!

Out of all the contestants on The Bachelorette, they pick Ames. He's super nice but he's boring.

What's up with that Erica Rose chick? She sounds like a man.

Holly and Michael make an adorable couple. I hope they get back together.

Michelle Money = CRAZY!

Blake = Adorable!

I am obsessed with this show right now and I can't wait until next week!