Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boy or Girl Pregnancy Test

This undated photo provided Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011, by Santa Clara, Calif.-based Consumer Genetics Inc., shows the packaging for the company's "early gender" blood test called "Pink or Blue." (AP Photo/Consumer Genetics Inc.)According to this article there is a blood test that can be taken at seven weeks that can tell the gender of your baby. This test raises ethical concern for whether or not couples will use this for gender selection and abortion.

These tests should not be readily available outside the doctor's office. When J and I are ready to have another child we are hoping that we have a boy but if it is a girl we will still be blessed and just try again.
"Consumer Genetics Inc. a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company sells an "early gender" blood test called "Pink or Blue" online for $25 plus $265 or more for laboratory testing. It boasts of 95 percent accuracy, using a lab technique its scientists developed from the type of testing evaluated in the new analysis, said Terry Carmichael, the company's executive vice president."
"Carmichael said the company sells more than 1,000 kits a year. He said the company won't test blood samples unless women sign a consent form agreeing not to use the results for gender selection."