Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project Life: Week 27 and Week 28

Week 27
Page 1 Layout (Page 2 Layout will be full of zoo photos that I don't have printed yet.)
We had a huge 4th of July party at my uncle's house. It was a drunken fest more or less!
Gramma bought Aubrey a new goldfish. So far it has lived through the week. Her name is Swimmy.

Week 28
This week was a very hard week for my family. My uncle passed away unexpectedly. I didn't do a whole lot this week except be there for my family. I did take Eryn and Sierra to go see Bad Teacher (so inappropriate for teenagers) and my brother came back into town after just visiting the week prior. He wanted and needed to be back here and say goodbye. The memorial service was on Saturday and there were so many people there that wanted to say goodbye. I'm happy that I got to do a reading at the service. (I was extremely nervous but got through it perfectly!) I think my layout for this week will be photos of my uncle.