Monday, July 25, 2011

New Turbo Wear!!!

I think I might just go broke this week. The new Turbo Wear line is out and I want everything!


I want to go to Turbo Kick Camp 2012. So very very bad! If I buy my ticket before August 1st, I can get the payment plan of $47.00 a month for 8 months! They have never had this before. I would never be to buy a ticket with such short notice if it was $347. I can so do the monthly pay plan! Now the other thing is... it's in California. That would be the cost of a flight. $400. And hotel. $150 (with 4 roomies)! I KNOW that I can save this before the camp next year. That's only $550 more to save. Sadly, J is so not on board with this.

I figured that if I have AT LEAST 13 people in my Turbo class every week for the next 6 months at the gym. I can so earn the money to go. Now I have to go convince J. Wish me luck. We have been arguing about it all weekend.