Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 6 Post Op of ACL Reconstruction Update

Tues, June 7 (day 37) - Physical Therapy Day! This PT stuff is so easy these days! I've defeated that bike making it all the way around forward and backwards. I am just working on getting my strength back, getting my quad muscle back and working on balance exercises. K said that he wants me there for one more month 3x a week and then he will start transitioning me out and letting me get back to the gym. It's going to be a sad day when I leave there. I think I might cry. I get really attached to people and K and his team are AWESOME and now I don't know what I will do when I don't see them 3x a week!

I asked about Turbo, knowing what he was going to say but he extended the time for me to get back to it. He said 5 months! (He doesn't know I've done Turbo and Zumba low impact once or twice.)

Thurs, June 9 (day 29) - Physical Therapy Day! I used to be at PT for almost 2 hours! Now I am in, do my shiz, iced and outta there in an hour! I'm still doing all my same exercises: bike, total gym, leg curls, leg presses, bosu ball balancing, around the worlds, bird dips, hip kicks, heel slides, and straight leg raises. I have even mastered the 8" step! Whoop!

Sat, June 11 (day 31) - Today at PT I asked K if I was cleared to be able to walk a mile in the Cherry Festival Parade with Aubrey and if I should with or without my knee brace. He said I could for sure and if I felt confortable without the brace. But he said that I should probably walk with the brace just in case it gave out, so I wouldn't collapse.

I ended up walking the entire parade with no problems. A couple of times, I had to jump on the truck so we catch up to the rest of the parade. We always get behind when we stunt!

Aubrey after the parade... she passed out in like 5 seconds of getting in the car!