Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 5 Post Op of ACL Reconstruction Update

Mon, May 30 (day 29) - The pain in my calf is still there... but it may be fading. It was a HOT relaxing day in the pool at my aunt's house for Memorial Day.

Tues, May 31 (day 30) - PT Day! Same exercises, just a different day! I was stretched to 100 degrees. Painful! The pain in my calf is very minimal today. Thank goodness! Because I don't think I would have been able to do PT if it was hurting as bad as it was this weekend! I havn't been using my knee brace barely at all especially since it has been so flippin' HOT outside. I thought K was going to yell at me for not using it but he was happy! (Which I don't really understand since he hasn't released me from the Cadillac.

Wed, June 1 (day 31) - My ankle is swollen. My leg is swollen. I leg feels and looks like that of a fugly biatch. I actually have a cankle! Today was a day of a lot of meds, ice and elevation.

Thurs, June 2 (day 32) - PT Day! It was an AWESOME day at PT! I did TONS of new exercises and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. K said my massive swelling was because I am putting a lot more weight on it these days and not using my brace.

Check out my stick figures of my new PT exercises! I'm getting the strength and balance back in my knee. SUPER EXCITED! They stretched me to 114 degrees. That still hurts like a biatch!

Fri, June 3 (day 33) - Good and uneventful day!

Sat, June 4 (day 34) - PT Day! I continued with all the new exercises and I am doing AMAZING! I had to work the raffle table at Turbo for a Cause today and I wasn't planning on working out but it was painful watching everyone. So, I put on my knee brace and went to work! It felt SO good to get back to Turbo but I did it low impact and couldn't do a lot of the jumps.

Sun, June 5 (day 35) - Relaxing and easy day. I am sore all over from TK yesterday. I just hope I didn't push it too much on my knee. I wasn't supposed to do any sort of Turbo until at least month 3. Uh oh!!