Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Update

I have been slacking on the ol' blog lately. I have sooo much going on!

Work has been crazy with all the client's upgrading to the new Aerospace standard. I am definitely being kept busy!

Cheerleading. Helping with an All Star gym is a lot of work. Saturday, there was only one coach at the gym to run the cheer clinic we had going on. We didn't anticipate how may kids would show up since only two signed up prior. It was a mad house and I ended up staying and working the front desk. The good thing is that the gym made a decent amount of cash!

Now our focus has shifted to the cheer competition we are hosting in October. (Which I won't be there because of the wedding. Shhhh. The head coach doesn't know yet. She will not be happy.) Trying to get the word out to teams in the area and getting them registered is hard work.

My bro and his fiance are coming into town this weekend. My mom, my family and I are throwing a wedding shower for the bride to be! It will be an awesome weekend! We are also planning on going to Put in Bay on Saturday. Time to get wasted! ...hopefully we won't miss the boat back to the mainland.

If I'm not back before the crazy weekend ahead

Have an AWESOME 4th of July Weekend!!