Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 4 Post Op of ACL Reconstruction Update

Mon, May 23 (day 22) - I am continuing to walk without my crutches with my brace locked (and when I'm at home with my brace off). K wanted me off of them by the end of the week anyways. My pain is good. It only hurts when I bend me knee to the point of no return! Everything is getting a lot easier!

Tues, May 24 (day 23) - Same. Same!

Wed, May 25 (day 24) - PT Day! I slept without my brace on last night. I woke up a little more sore than usual. I must be kicking in my sleep! Today was an awesome day at PT! K said he had a tear in his eye because I was doing so well! I should have posted these images weeks ago but here it what I work on at PT.

This thing is getting easier to work on. My knee is loosening up and my ROM is getting better!

Total Gym
My squats on the Total Gym are getting deeper but I'm still basically lying flat which means I'm not using much of my body weight at all.

Hip Kicky Things
These were always simple. Easy Peasy! I could always do these but when I kick to front front, I have a little bit of pain but it's nothing that I can't handle!

Calf Stretches
I just started doing these. I can't get my knee completely straight so these pretty much kill my right knee.

Heel Slides
My knee is bending a more on these. I can push it a little further before the pain in my knee unbearable.

Muscle Stimulator
<--- I'm all hooked up!
Today I did Quad sets (flexing your quad) and Straight Leg Raises while hooked up to the Stim. The leg raises hurt where they took the hamstring to repair my ACL but these are getting SO MUCH easier! This makes me extremely happy since I couldn't lift my leg at all 2 weeks ago!

Airdyne Bike
I hate this thing. But only because I can't make it all the way around! I'm still just rocking it back and forth. Back and forth. K tried to get me to push it all the way around but my knee was not having it. We'll see if it happens tomorrow. Well, K will MAKE it happen tomorrow!

Thurs, May 26 (day 25) - PT Day! YEAH I made it all the way around that stupid bike! PARTY! Oh yeah I am the shit! Here I come Turbo for a Cause!

Fri, May 27 (day 26) - Today I think I am feeling the effects of going around that stupid bike and doing calf stretches. My calf hurt so bad that I cried and J tried to rub it out but it just was not working. It felt like a permanent Charley Horse!

Sat, May 28 (day 27) - Same as yesterday. Calf = PAIN and none of my medication works. My mom told me to go to the ER since it is on my surgery leg and I may have a blood clot. I didn't listen and the pain continued so bad that I am back on my crutches.

Sun, May 29 (day 28) - I called the Dr. on call today. He isn't worried about me having a blood clot. He told me it is probably just muscular. I sure hope so. I haven't had a muscle hurt for so long....