Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 3 Post Op of ACL Reconstruction Update

Mon, May 16 (day 15) - Today, I had my two week post-op appointment. I left there in tears. Dr. F asked me to bend my knee and he gave me like .5 seconds to do it (it takes a while for me to do it) and then he just ripped into me. He called me a wimp, told me that I wasn't really in pain and that it was all in my head. Pissed off.

Tues, May 17 (day 16) - PT Day! Of course K had already heard about my appointment with Dr. F. As soon as I walked in there, K was yelling across the room "We gotta get you movin' Christina! Time to step it up!" They stretched my knee to 110 degrees (although, I think she read it wrong because the next two times were only 108 degrees and I was cryin'.) I still have to keep my brace locked when walking and I am down to one crutch. Whoop Whoop!!

Wed, May 18 (day 17) - Getting around is tons easier these days. I'm bending my knee but I can only get it to go to about 80 degrees on my own.

Thurs, May 19 (day 18) - PT Day! I'm still doing all the same exercises: Nu-Step, Hip kicks or whatever they're called, the muscle stimulator, straight leg lifts and NOW they added in the bike! I hate the bike. The seat is constantly up my chacha! I'm only doing half circles so far. I wish I could get all the way around on the bike! My knee was stretched to 108 degrees.

Friday, May 20 (day 19) - Same as Wednesday!

Sat, May 21 (day 20) - PT Day! Nu-Step - check. Bike - check. Hip Kicky things - check. Muscle Stimulator - check. Straight Leg Raises - check. 108 degrees. Again. I told K that I don't know where I am suppose to be at with progress. It's like a big secret. He told me there is a timeline and I told him it would be nice to know but he's keeping it tucked away in that head of his! They make me think that I am doing awful and push me to the limit. I am in tears when they push me to 108 degrees. It's an awful pain! I just want to know what is typical at this point...

Sun, May 22 (day 21) - Even though I am not suppose to be, according to K, I have been walking around without my crutches with my brace locked and sometimes with my crutches without my brace on. I asked K yesterday if I was still suppose to be walking with my brace locked. He said YES because I am not strong enough and my knee will buckle. Well, it hasn't yet so am I ahead of schedule now??