Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 2 Post Op of ACL Reconstruction Update

Day 8 (Mon) - It's been a week after my surgery and I still feel good. I'm still using my crutches to get around and still trying to put weight on my right leg. I'm bending my knee more with the heel slides but it still feels so tight and I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. Straight Leg lifts are still a no-go.

Day 9 (Tues) - Same. Same!

Day 10 (Wed) - PT Day! First up was the Nu Step. I had a lot of help with bending my knee on this thing. Next I had to do squats on the incline machine. It went ok but I still had a lot of help. Heel slides and leg raises. Check. With help. Shock Therapy. Check.

K then decided to bend my knee to full range of motion. 80 degrees. Damn him! Sitting on the edge of the table, he bent my knee. Got it to like 60 degrees. Then to 73. He told me to relax and then he bent it to 80. Pain. I was hunched over K with my hand on his back and it was just uncomfortable when he was doing it. I was lifting up my hip and that's a bad thing but I couldn't help it.

K said I was like a whole new person today but I still felt like I haven't done anything because I haven't done it on my own.

Day 11 (Thurs) - PT Day! I did all the same exercises as yesterday but my knee was really tight today. K still managed to push it to 90 degrees. Damn him!

Day 12 (Fri) - It has been hot and the pain has been uncomfortable since I had PT for the past two days. I called off work since I was in pain and did nothing all day.

Day 13 (Sat) - PT Day! Today on my straight leg raises, I did 15 on my own!!!!!!! I haven't been able to do any but today I pushed through it. The pain while I did it was ridic. I never thought doing a simple leg raise would hurt so bad and be so much work.

I went shopping today. Not a good idea. I stubbed my foot while trying to go fast on my crutches and I really hurt my knee.

Day 14 (Sun) - Rest day. Singing the Lazy Song. I'm not doing anything today!