Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Proud.

Today, my husband will graduate from the police academy. It has been a long time waiting for this day! 6 years to be exact! I am incredibly proud of my him for following his dreams and doing what he loves. I was a little worried at the very beginning because he was having a rough time with the endless hours of homework and writing notes but he stuck through it now it will all pay off! I can't wait to see him get that badge and succeed at the next step of this journey. The streets. Then, hopefully, he will get his next dream of moving up the chain and being on SWAT!

We are so lucky to be where we are at today. We both have accomplished so much in our short 26 and 29 years of life. We now both have career jobs that we can be proud of and making the money so we don't have to worry about finances and just concentrate on our lives together and with our daughter. We are lucky. Not a lot of people our age have what we have.

I know it will be tough when he starts working the streets but we will make it through. The hours will suck and he'll miss a lot of Aubrey's events and holidays but I know he will try the best he can. I'm not really looking forward to the endless nights of worry but I've done it before when he was in Iraq and I can do it again. For. The. Next. 30 years.

Tonight will be really emotional and filled with happiness! Then we are going to celebrate with some SHOTS!!

I am over the moon proud of you!