Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aubrey had her first soccer game today. I wish I could say that she did awesome and that she scored her first goal! It just did not happen that way. Instead she cried the entire time. Every time the coach came up to her she couldn't get close enough to my mom. (Gramma being there might have been the problem.) You see, my daughter is extremely shy. Over-the-top, annoying kinda shy. She will not talk to anyone that she does not know. She won't even say HI. I get so mad and I have to push her. Hard.

When she first started cheerleading, she cried and screamed and cried some more. The coach had to rip her off of me and Aubrey pretty much ripped the shirt off of me to get her into that gym. After about 3 weeks she LOVED it and I now have no problems getting her go into the gym.

When we got in the car, of course I told her she was grounded her to her room. There is just no reason for her to act like that. She then told me that she didn't play because her daddy wasn't there. I'm not buying it. She also said that next time, she WILL play. We will just have to see about that. Update next Saturday.

Oh and then when we got home, she was happy as can be and I made her take a picture in her soccer tshirt! Adorable!