Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear So and So...

Dear Aubrey,

I can't wait to see you do AWESOME at your last competition. Your Twinklers team has come so far and YOU, on your own, have grown so much this season. You're getting over your fear of strangers and other parents have even told me that you are like a whole new girl! I am so proud of you! Cheer hard and show everyone what you got! Shine like the star I know you are!

Your biggest fan,
Love mommy!


Dear M80's,

Let's ROCK this Beach Party Bash on Saturday and hit the Superman stunt! ...and Christina (talking to myself), you got this back tuck basket even though you have freaked out the last couple of times you have done it. Let's take home this championship!

Let's make Britt proud!


Dear All My Children,

I don't like the predicament you have put Jesse and Angie in. Why couldn't you have just let their baby live? Why make him claim the mystery baby as their own? I don't like the direction this story is going.

Praying for Jesse and Angie. (I do realize it's not real.)


Dear Lisa (Yes. I called you out by name.),

You never get tired of stalking me do you?! I am so flattered that you and your daughter are obsessed with me. Four times you looked at my blog yesterday (11:09am, 3:13pm, 4:14pm and 4:15pm).

On Wednesday at 2:50pm and 4:29pm. Along with your daughter's visit on Wednesday night at 9:15pm.

On Tuesday at 10:54am, 3:00pm (you took a look at my championship post and my back tuck basket toss. I know I am AWESOME right!) and 4:05pm for 3 minutes and 30 seconds (How did you like my Team Beachbody site?)

On Monday, let's see, you visited me at 2:41pm, 10:38am (do you know how to fix my domain since you took a look at that post?)

I could go on and on and on... I'm glad you took a break from stalking me last weekend.

I'll miss ya this weekend!

Muah, Christina

Dear So and So...