Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project Life 2011: Week 6

Sunday, February 6th - No pics :*(

Monday, February 7th - No pics :*(

Tuesday, February 8th - After Aubrey's cheerleading practice and my meeting at the gym we had to go pic up decorations for the Father / Daughter dance Saturday at the gym. Aren't my center pieces adorable!!

Wednesday, February 9th - I was tired of my non-wireless printer that I was using after my other wireless printer broke. Dell was having a sale so I ordered a new one. This is my third printer in a year! YAY for wireless!

Thursday, February 10th - Valentine's Day cookies! YUMMMM! Aubrey had fun cutting out the hearts and decorating!

Friday, February 11th - I picked my teenager up from school today and she spent the night with us! We went to dinner at Chuck E Cheese and the girls and tons of fun and we won about 1000+ tickets. Aubrey got a gumball machine and Eryn got a lollipop. Aubrey is greedy! LOL!

Saturday, February 11th - The Father / Daughter Valentine dance was tonight at the gym! It was so much fun and my chocolate fountain was a hit! The kids loved it. Pics to follow later!