Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life 2011: Week 5

Sunday, January 30th - Aubrey went over Aunt M's and had a blast sledding on Lake Erie in front of her house. (It's awesome to live on the lake and one day I will have a house on the lake with my 2 jet ski's!!)Anyways, Uncle D pulled her and Anna around on the sled on the back of his 4-wheeler. Aubrey being on the lake makes me a nervous wreck! I'm afraid the ice is going to crack and she's going to fall in.

Monday, January 31st - After dance class, Aubrey got this bright idea to draw on her ballet outfit. I was not a happy mommy!

Tuesday, February 1st - YAY for February! I love Valentine's day and I can't wait for Aubrey's Vday party at school. I think I'm more excited than her.

Wednesday, February 2nd - We got a ton of snow over the night. After my dad removed the snow from the driveway, Aubrey decided to ride her bike, make snow angels and eat the snow!

Thursday, February 3rd - Thanks to all the snow and ice we got... My gazebo is ruined!!! :*( I am devastated. Almost. I told Jeremy that since he didn't take it down I get a new upgraded one! Things always work out in the end!

Friday, February 4th - My little artist painted some pictures to hang in her room. But, since I am OCD she had to stick to the color scheme. Pink,Orange and Yellow! They turned out very cute!

Saturday, February 5th - It has been a VERY long time since I have had a night out. We went out to dinner to El Camino's with a couple of our friends and then went to the bar with some Army peeps! Awesome night out!