Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is the word that I have chosen to represent myself and my life this year. This is the word that I will be using as part of the One Little Word class by Ali Edwards.

Focus can mean so many things in my life. Focus on my daughter. Focus on my fitness. Focus on organization. Focus on my work. Focus on my husband. Focus on the relationships in my life. Focus on what really is important in my life. But, most importantly, Focus on ME.

The end of last year was rough for me and I REALLY lost focus of what was important and what I actually wanted for my life. I hope that this year I can figure out my life and stay focused on what I want for MYSELF and what I want for my daughter. I need to focus on what matters most and how I can be a happier more focused person.

I also like to dive into so many activities and keep myself busy. I can't just sit around in the house all day watching TV. It drives me insane. I know that I can manage everything that I involve myself in, I just need to stay focused and stay on the task at hand. I am a perfectionist and everything that I do has to be amazing!

With that said here is my first layout for the January Prompt. The February prompt is going to be a little difficult but I'm ready to get to it!