Monday, February 21, 2011

18 hours of a power outage = NOT A GOOD DAY!

I had to call off work this morning. Thanks to the ice storm that we had last night, it knocked our power out at 1:30am and wasn't turned back on until 8pm! No lights. No heat. No stove or oven. No TV. No laptop. No phone. No cell phone because it was dying on me all day. (I drained all three of my computers batteries to charge my phone). Aubrey drove me crazy ALL day because she couldn't watch even a little bit of TV. Then, we decided to order some pizza and cheese bread from Vito's. YUMMM!

I would have left and gone to my moms or something.... but Jeremy had a flat tire and took my car so I was STRANDED!!!

Why the hell do I live in Toledo? I should really move to Virginia to be near my brother and my job! ::pondering::