Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life 2011: Week 2

Sunday, January 9th - Aubrey had her first 'real' competition for Sparks Cheerleading. The competition was the Greater Midwest Cheer Expo at the Seagate Center in Toledo. They competed against three other level 1 teams! The Twinkler girls looks ADORABLE in their new uniforms!

Monday, January 10th to Wednesday, January 12th - I suck and I'm already missing photos for week 2 of Project Life!

Thursday. January 13th - Aubrey presented her All About Me poster in her preschool class. Her teacher took some photos so that will be my photo for the day. (To be posted later!)

Friday, January 14th - Aubrey was passed out sleeping as soon as I picked her up from the sitters and when she woke up she insisted on 'hanging her family balloons' on the door. The balloons represent mommy, daddy, her and Charlie (her guinea pig). Silly girl!

Saturday, January 15th - Hubs had I went out for our anniversary dinner a week early. We went to Nagoya!! YUM! After three martinis, crab egg rolls, crab cake, and hibachi shrimp...I passed out when I got home!