Monday, January 10, 2011

Poject Life 2011: Week 1

I am SUPER excited to start this year's Project Life. I am still a little behind on my journaling for 2010 but I plan to be caught up by the end of the month. I plan on taking a picture of my actual layouts with the new Project Life kit but my photos are being developed and I wanted to get this posted!

January 2nd - My brother, my mom and Aubrey in their Cinci gear drinking Capri Sun. So cute!

January 3rd - Mr. UPS man delivered my Project Life kit! YAYYYYY!

January 4th - The Twinklers uniforms came in today!! Aren't they AMAZINGLY CUTE! Aubrey wore it to her competition on Sunday. (Post coming up!)

January 5th - Aubrey is working on her All About Me poster that is due next Thursday! I'm being a little OCD about it... it has to be perfect.

January 6th - Aubrey and I went to Shoe Carnival to find some plain white shoes for her competition. We walked out of their with two pair of shoes! She was not going to leave without those pink Nike's!

January 7th - I found these teeny tiny paint cans at Michael's and thought these would be perfect for her Valentine's!

January 8th - Jeremy took Aubrey's old TV, plugged in his Playstation and played it while watching football and stalking Facebook!