Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear So and So...

Dear Vampire Diaries,

I am obsessed with you. I am obsessed with your SUPER HOT vampires, Damon and Stephen. I'm so happy your new episodes are back! Please don't leave me again!

You can suck my neck anytime!


Dear CrazyB*tch,

You may think that you have won because you had me "kicked out" of Turbo Kick but you haven't. You can have that stupid class. You need it more than I. Good luck with that. I mean you've taken the class for 2 years now and ...well look at you. Bahahahaha!

Always Better Than You

(I know it's harsh readers, but I'm tired of getting the worst of it and being put down when I'm not the only one to blame! )


Dear 408 Aerospace Clients,

I don't want to double check and make sure your certificates are updated in OASIS. It is a serious waste of my time. ...but I will do it so I can stop getting emails from auditors yelling at me. It makes me gringe every time I get an email stating "this client's certificate is not updated to the 2008 revision."

Best Regards,
Go To Market Database Administrator


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Dear So and So...