Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project Life - Week 39

September 26, 2010     Aubrey had another Sparks performance at Erie Orchards. They asked the crowd if any kids wanted to go up in a stunt and Anna went up there.

September 27, 2010     Jeremy took this picture of me and Aubrey cuddling in the morning. She always manages to end up sleeping in my bed!

September 28, 2010     I am getting rid of all Aubrey's ladybug decorations that I've had in her room since she was a baby. Sad face. Her new decor is based on the colors of this one pillow. Pink, orange and yellow. I found white plastic butterflies at Target and I bought them and spray painted them the colors of that pillow. I LOVE how they turned out!

September 29, 2010     Everytime my mom and Aubrey go shopping Aubrey comes home with something. This week she came home with a "girl and boy scarecrow." Super cute!

September 30, 2010     It's the second month of preschool for Aubrey and we got the October calendar! I get to help in the class room for their Halloween Party. I am super excited!

October 1, 2010     Aubrey wanted to go get apples from the store and then go to the park. That is exactly what we did. 

October 2, 2010     This is me and my cousin Selina at her quinceneara. She looked beautiful in her dress! Just like a princess. It was a beautiful mass ceremony and the party was exciting! I remember when she was just born. They grow up so fast!