Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of Preschool

Aubrey had her first day of Preschool on Tuesday. She did great without any tears (from her anyways)! My baby girl is growing up right before my eyes!

There are only 5 girls in her class and on her first day of school she had a lot of fun with all the kids and her teacher, Ms Bonny. They voted on names for the class fish. She cut the letters of her name out from magazines. The funniest thing is her ABC journal. They were working on their dedication page and when I picked her up the journals were lying on the table. ALL the kids dedicated their journals to mommy and daddy. Who did Aubrey dedicate hers to... Anna and Zachary. (Her cousin and her friend at the sitters.) She is such a silly girl!!

I was worried that she was going to be behind on a lot of things (specifically numbers and letters) but it seems she knows a lot (more than the other kids...shhhh...I don't like to brag)! I owe this to the great sitter that I have that teaches her TONS! I mean she is 3 and she can write her name all on her own.

On day 2 of Preschool, mom started her off right. NOT! I forgot her Show & Tell homework! Way. To. Go. We were supposed to bring in a drawn, painted, or an actual family photo. I fogot all about it. All her 'assignments' are now on my to-do list with reminders. I can't forget again!