Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Was my compassion really so wrong??

On the way to take Aubrey to cheerleading I saw a guy that had a sign "will work for food". I had some cash so I gave him $10. Things like that break my heart and I cried.,

I posted this on my FB.... these are the comments I got.

"and he laughed his way to the 40's you just paid for."
"Yep! Prolly a bud light! :)"
"are you kidding me! i could have used that $10" (the hubs)
"Unfortunately you can't really tell if they are actually in need or if they are lying pieces of shit who are just too lazy to actually go out and do anything...most of those people today are just crooks. I have heard quite a few stories of people actually offering them work or a job and they turn it down."
"When you see people with the 'will work for food' signs...don't give them money. Offer them food. I know of people who have done this and were turned down because they were told "I have plenty of food". I'm sorry, Christina, but more often than not these people at street corners like that are scam artists making more than the minimum wage worker."

These comments made me sick. How can people be so heartless? Was I really wrong to give this guy money? I don't think I was wrong and in the end what I think is all that matters. This isn't the first time that I have given money to someone in need (whether or not they are being honest or not). The guy told me thank you and God Bless. I'm glad I was able to do a little something in this huge world.

I have close family out of work currently and times are tough for them. If I can help them or anyone else I am happy too! I would hope that if someone I knew was this bad off, someone would stop and help them. It's called compassion!