Friday, July 16, 2010

Should I order another Dell Printer??

The printer that I bought last summer just crashed on me. I bought it from Dell and I really loved it! I keep getting an error, 'Clear Carrier Jam' and there is nothing jammed in the damn thing! I tried to call Dell and of course my warranty ran out on June 28th.

Do these products just last long enough for the warranty and then once it is done it breaks?!

So, I paid $29.00 for the guy to troubleshoot the printer from over the phone. I specifically asked, "What if he is not able to fix it over the phone? Then, I just wasted $29.00." Indian guy: "He will be able to troubleshoot it." Well, that is exactly what happened! He was not able to fix it. Apparently, it is a hardware issue. DOYOY! I could  told you that!! There is nothing jammed in there!


He tried to sell me another printer. The same as my All-In-One + Fax for $190 (-$60 making it sound like he was giving me a deal, but really that is a promotion Dell is having at the moment and I could login and buy it for the price he was going to give me.)

They do have a Wireless Printer w/o Fax for $70 until July 22nd. (Originally $120.)

My questions now are... Should I try to get this printer fixed? Should I buy another Dell? What kind of printer should I get?