Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My brother Jason The University of Cincinnati Graduate in Mechanical Engineering

My brother's graduation was this past weekend. I am filled with all kinds of emotions right now. Happy... because I am VERY PROUD of him. Excited... because in a year in a half he will be getting married. Sad... because he is moving to Virginia.

Cincinnati this weekend was a great time! The family went to dinner at Montgomery Inn and then went to a German bar in Kentucky, Hofbrauhaus. That was tons of FUN... standing on tables and dancing and drinking liters of German beer. Saturday, was Jason's graduation and was long but exciting! Then came the meeting of Katie's family. Aubrey had a great time with Katie's cousin, Addisyn. Aubrey and Addisyn will be the flower girls in the wedding. The whole night turned out great! Then I cried why I got to the hotel room...

Here are SOME of the photos from graduation and the trip to Cinci... More to come!!

Why am I sad? I feel like I am losing my brother and even though we aren't very close, I love him very much! I don't want him to move away. I know he has found a great job and he has to do what he has to do to make the money but I just don't want him to go. I was fine with him being three hours away and now he will be eight-nine hours away. I never thought that I would be this sad about it.

I always thought that I would be best friends with my brother and my sister-in-laws. (Well, Jeremy's sister is a piece of work and never became close to her. She drives me CRAZY). I wanted to become very close to Katie but now that will never happen. I am not only losing my brother but my sister and any future nieces and nephews. I know I am thinking way to hard about this and way too far in the future. I just don't want to lose any of them.

Sorry to be a downer... I just needed to get it out!