Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Twinklers Tuesday

Tonight was Aubrey's first cheer practice for the new season with the Twinklers. This season she has a new coach, Coach Audrey (last season it was Coach Molly). I was a little worried at first because she HATES meeting new people but she did ok... better than expected! I was a little stunned to see that only one little girl was there from last season! I have no idea where everyone went!

I wanted her to tryout for the competitive team but it was going to cost around $1,700 for the year just for her to get scared and not go out on that cheer floor! That would be money wasted. Plus, it looks like only three girls did for the Level 1 team (that's the smallest ages group). The owner did mention that the Twinklers will compete at the local competitions in Toledo. YEAH!!! And if they turn out to be really awesome, she will just turn it into a competitive team!

I hope Aubrey meets some new friends this season and I hope I meet some new (non-stuckup) moms that we can do play dates and I can invite them to her birthday parties. That's my goal. I want Aubrey to become my social little butterfly! She did meet a little girl but she's not in Aubrey's group. She was there just for a tumbling class. Darn it! I did manage to snap a picture of them chatting together.

Question: Is it ok to take pics of your child with another person's child even though you have no idea who that person is??
Check out this Cheer Fun survey that I had to fill out for my 3-year-old daughter. It made me giggle! Barbies are so IN this year! Baby toys are SO last year! I had a hard time filling this out for her. I don't think Aubrey has a fav hangout spot... maybe Grandmas! But that will definitly change when she gets older!