Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking a Risk

I recently found out that people I know are investing in Iraqi Dinar. I don't know much about it but what I was told is that Iraq is changing their government and right now they are sitting on a bunch of oil AND Iraq could become a VERY rich country, just like Kuwait.

Presidential Order 13303: Allows US Citizens to invest in the new Iraq. Under this order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US Citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen.

Right now the Iraqi Dinar is worth 1168.00 to $1.00. A penny of USD is worth approx 12 dinar. Here is the example I found online from Investors that believe Significant Appreciation:
(The site I got this from is here. If you google Iraqi Dinar you will get tons of websites.)

Now I am not going to invest $1000 but I was thinking around $200. So if the Iraqi dinar appreciates to just a penny I will have profited $1,800! If it appreciates to pre-Gulf War rates I will profit $639,800. It that awesome or what?! The question is WILL it appreciate and WHEN? I guess that's a risk with any type of investment. Right?

What do you think? I should invest right?! Would you?