Friday, April 2, 2010

Shut it or I'll shoot you with my pink gun!

Last night was a warm and beautiful night. I thought that I would leave my bedroom windows open and go to sleep with a nice breeze coming in.


We leave down the street from a small Mexican dance club. They were bumpin' it until 2:00am.

Then, 2:30am, the ghetto neighbors on the corner were having some type of domestic drama! OMG - Could they get any louder?! The man was yelling, the women was yelling, and then the eight kids that she has were screaming at the top of their lungs. Question: Why were the kids awake at that time? You would think that you would SHUT YOUR FACE SO YOUR KIDS COULD GET SOME SLEEP FOR SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY. (They probably didn't have school today since it is Good Friday...BUT STILL!) Now the cops show up. They settle the dispute and the man rides away yelling at the cops on his BICYCLE!

It's quiet for about a half hour. 3:30am - The man comes back and is banging on the ghetto neighbors door. Really?! I don't think she opened the door and that was the end of that.

If this continues, I'm going to buy that cute little pink gun Jer found in the paper and use it!

You would think that I could sleep soundly now...


4:15am - Daisy starts barking and going crazy about to jump out the screen. There is a cat outside my window in heat. GREAT. I had to listen to that all night. Use #2 for my new pink gun.

6:15am - Jer gets home and the house alarm wakes me up.

I've had it! Going to take a nap now. Oh wait. I have to go to work :-(