Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not sure if I can do this...

I love creating and editing documents, pictures in my Photoshop program. I recently just thought of creating Turbo tshirts/tanks for my Turbo class at the YMCA. Above is my first creation. I bought the fist image from and I created this.  It may be not WONDERFUL but I like it.

Now, my question is... Am I allowed to do this? Use the Turbo Kick name? I think that I am since I am a TK instructor and I am just trying to boost enrollment in my class. I guess I will  find out. Probably the hard way. In any case, check out my design and if you want, get your own Turbo Kick tshirt/tank.
I also creating items to promote my Shakeology biz. I KNOW that I am allowed to use those (Beachbody, P90X, Turbo Jam, Insanity) images to create tshirts and other products. It's says so right in my Coach's online office and they give you high res logos! There is a gym bag on the CafePress site with my creation. Nothing major, just trying to promote my Beachbody Biz.

Let me know if you want to order yours!