Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Life - Week 3

January 17th - Aubrey is a monster when it comes to trying to give her a bath. She fights me these days but bribing her with lots of bubbles works. So far.

January 18th - YAY! My new round came in the mail! I am excited to start teaching this round!

 January 19th - I started back at the gym in the morning. 6:00 am. Yuck! After my workout, I get this yummy strawberry recovery shake. Bonus!

January 20th - Jeremy likes to be like me and now he HAD to have a Blackberry just like me. Except his is silver.

January 21st - Missing photo. As a fitness instructor at the YMCA... we now have to wear these awesome bright blue tshirts that say Fitness Instructor on the back. Not to mention they are a size smaller than normal tshirts and it now comes up to my belly button. There has been one sitting in the studio for weeks now...I think I might jack it.

January 22nd - My little monkey now climbs up onto my counters. This is how I found her and my cat.

January 23rd - This is what Aubrey's room looks like on a weekly basis. She has way to many toys! AND she doesn't even play with them all!