Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Life - Week 2

January 10th - Aubrey playing the monkey game on my iPod. She is very tech savvy!

January 11th - Our NEW refridgerator. LOVE IT!

January 12th - My January ShoeDazzle shoes arrived. Are these not adorable? Although, they look brown to me but the paper said they are grey. What do you think?

January 13th - My dad bought a new TV. It's HUGE! Like 60 inches or something.

January 14th - My Project Life finally came! Thank you, mom for this AWESOME Christmas present!

January 15th - I am in LOVE with my new pink Blackberry. Best thing ever invented! Do you have a BB Pin? Maybe we can chat... if you aren't phsyco!

January 16th - Night out at Fricker's with the girls and boys! (Yes, I am wearing the same outfit as the 14th but I cheated and actually took that photo on the 16th. I'm not a scrub!)