Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Life - Week 1

I am REALLY behind at posting my Project Life pics so I am doing that today. Starting with Week 1!

January 1st - Aubrey decked out in OSU gear for the game!

January 2nd - We had our family Christmas Party at a cabin in Maumee Bay State Park. When we got the cabin we were all allowed to go swimming at the pool in the hotel. Aubrey loved the hot tub!

January 4th - Almost time to take down all those Chirstmas cards and art projects from the holiday season.

January 5th - Daisy during the day... when she's not following me all over the place!

January 6th - I searched high and low for these stinkin' Zhu Zhu pets. (The ones that she never plays with!) Here are all of them lined up with their house!

January 7th - Aubrey tries to be like mommy and I found her on my work laptop. Iasked her what she is doing and she told me "Go away! I'm working!"

January 8th - Aubrey is the most difficult person to get out of bed (besides her dad).

January 9th - Jeremy and I went on a party bus this weekend for one of my friend's birthdays. We all had to wear goofy glasses!