Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This week is starting to blow!

It is only Tuesday and already my week sucks.

Yesterday, I got a nasty virus on my work computer. No. I was not looking at porn. I swear.

While I was in the middle of talking with the IT people at my work, Jeremy comes into the house yelling. He locked Aubrey in the car.

He was putting her in the carseat and started the car from the backseat. He then shut the backdoor and that was it...she was locked in. My car automatically locks when you turn it on. Crap. I panicked. How the hell was I suppose to get the car unlocked?? I don't have an extra key because it is one of those with the chip in it and just never got one made for $100+.

We tried to get Aubrey to try and get out of herr seat but she was strapped in good. She was ok. She wasn't crying and I just kept making faces at her so she wouldn't start to panic. I called the locksmith and 20 minutes and $56.00 later... we got into our car. Relief.

Jeremy went and got an extra key made so that we can at least get the car open if it is locked. It just won't start it.

The other good thing is that the IT guy fixed my computer and NO MORE VIRUS! I will never look at my Facebook or my google reader again on my work laptop! I have learned my lesson.