Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My perfect little cheerleader!

Do I sound like a stage mom?!

Aubrey did AWESOME at cheerleading today! She got a little sad when the coach came to get her but she didn't cry the entire time for her TumbleBugs class. She did her toe touches, forward rolls, backward rolls, back hand springs and got to jump on the trampoline. Her and the other little girl did great (Aubrey did a little better)! I am so happy that she had fun! Now I will be in the gym probably 3 times a week.

In the car on the way home she said to me, "Mama I want to go to cheerleading again!"

So....while I was at the gym today, there was a sign posted. It was asking for parents to "Show your kids what you got and join the adult cheer squad M-80's!" I really want to do this!!

I cheered in college and I was on the Sparks All-Star Squad for a hot minute. Since I didn't cheer in high school (I was a majorette since I was 5) I never picked up the tumbling skills. So I got frustrated and quit the Sparks. I also was a flyer and when I got on the Sparks there were much better flyers than I and I sucked as a base. That was another reason I quit.

My question is: Should I give it a go and join the M-80's?? I asked Jeremy... he was kind of mean about it. He laughed and said that I need to pass the torch to Aubrey and give it up. But I don't want to! If I still have the moves why not try it out?! There are others that are much older than me on the team.

Let me know what you think!

Pictures to come of my cheerleading days. Stay tuned!