Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Intro to Cheerleading

The CheerWorks Sparks All-Star Squad has a class, Twinklers, for kids 5 and under. I finally took Aubrey to check it out. I really want to start getting her into activities (cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, soccer) now that she is completely potty trained.

Her shyness and her fear of strangers is really upsetting me. The story...

I took her to the gym and we sat and watched the class for a little while. She kept asking me, "Can we go out there mama?" and "I want to do a somersault." I told her that we were just watching and next week when I bring her back she will go out there will all the other little kids. She, of course, wants me to go out there with her, which is not allowed (although I think it should be ok for newbies like her).

So I went into the office to sign her up for the month and I saw the coach, Britney, (my old coach) and I started talking to her and was telling her that Aubrey is SUPER shy. She was trying to talk to Aubrey and asked her if she wanted to go out there with her. Aubrey was not having it. Britney said that I could take her out there and have Aubrey see up close.

All the kids were on the trampoline and Aubrey wanted to go on the trampoline, but with me. Aubrey then turned to me and said "You sit on the stool and I'll go in there." So I sat on the stool and put Aubrey up on the trampoline and the other coach was going to grab her and pull her in there and Aubrey started FREAKIN' OUT! CRYING HYSTERICALLY! We just sat there and watched.

Aubrey started to get comfy being there, but she just wanted to run around. She wanted nothing to do with the class. I tried to get her to go to the TumbleBugs class but she told me, "I want to go home and watch TV." Ummmmm....NO! She is now grounded from TV.

In the end, I signed her up and I am just gonna keep going until she gets used to it. It may be 2 months and $70 later, but she is going to stick it out. I plan on taking her to open gym and TumbleBugs class as much as I can so she can get used to the environment and the people and GET HER ASS OUT OF THAT SHELL!

When we got home she put pn her tutu and practiced her toe touches. I know she loves it because she talks about it all the time. It's just when she gets in the actual situation she closes up. We also talked about if she goes to cheerleading and she doesn't cry, we will buy her a trampoline this summer.

Oher quotes from the night.
"I want to go to the dance party." (That's what she called it before we got there.)
"I want to go on the trampoline by myself. I don't like those girls."
"I want to go to real class not dance class." (I'm sure I'll go through the same thing for school.)