Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stressed the F*** Out

This week I have been sick and on the verge of getting fired from my job.

I got a call from my boss first thing Monday morning. He let me know that with evaluations coming up my numbers have not hit and he doesn't think that this is the position for me. I agree.

I am in a 'glorified' telemarketing position to sell public training. Yes, I do work from home and I will tell you it's not ideal situation. Yes, I still pay $400/month for babysitting. I do that so I can actually get work done. I would love to save money on babysitting by keeping her home but there is NO WAY I can work with Aubrey here. I don't mind my job at all but it is EXTREMELY hard for me to make the sales that I need. I am not a pushy person. I get the clients the information that they want and I follow up and follow up and follow up. People don't end up signing up for training with me. I have felt 'worthless' in my position since they changed my responsibilities mid-2009. I make calls but the calls never go anywhere and I get FRUSTRATED. I don't get the incoming calls looking for training like my co-workers in the office do, so I am out of luck on that resource. I love what I do and I love interacting with the clients.

My boss told me that they are looking to put me in an administrative position updating outside databases. Later, I found out that if I didn't want this position, the company and I would have to 'part ways'. I think that I would like doing this more so than the position I am in now. I have done this position before (along with scheduling of audits, preparing audit docs, processing post audit docs and invoices, and follow up calls - I did it all!) at the last company I was with. I am VERY VERY happy that they are giving me a chance to still work the company.
They want me to fly there like ASAP either next Tuesday-Friday or the following Monday-Thursday. Now I am stressing because I have to figure out what to do with Aubrey. Jeremy works 3rd shift so while Aubrey and I are sleeping he is at work. Hopefully he won't have a problem with getting off work. I mean she is sleeping when he leaves and when he gets home. She'll be okay, right?
You know I am JUST KIDDING right?!