Monday, January 25, 2010

I have 2 issues tonight...

First. I went to the gym tonight since I am fat and needed to workout. I had to send Jeremy to the store for milk, cat food, toilet paper, cereal and a few other food items. How would I know that he would come back with $155 worth of NOTHING! I can't send him shopping ALONE! He got:

4 breakfast bowls
Bag o' chips
5 pizzas (the little pizzas)
2 bags of pizza rolls
Gatorade 10 for $10
Milk (2% at that)
2 boxes of cereal
24 pack of toilet paper
Face wash for him
Shower gel for him

He also got:
Aubrey a tutu dress (which I have resisted because she CLEARLY has enough dress up clothes!)

Like I said NOTHING!! $155 later and I still have to go grocery shopping for actual dinner food!!! UGH!

Second. On Jeremy's trip to the grocery store, he bought a pillow. This is irritating to me because we have bought him so many pillows it is ridiculous! He says he can't find the right one. Too hard. Too flat. You would think that out of the six pillows we already have, he would have the right one already. Every time we are at a store and he mentions buying a new pillow, I get angry and ignore him.