Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Letter From Santa

I ordered a letter from Santa last night. There are TONS of great Santa Letter companies out there with great options for letters. I wanted to order a letter along with a 'Magical Santa Key' but it got expensive (REALLY?! $6.00 shipping for a letter and a key). Check out three of my favorite sites. This is such a cute idea and Aubrey will LOVE it!

Magical Santa Letters - options include: letter from Santa (in a red foil envelope, hand-signed, gold seal), 5x7 photo of Santa & one of his reindeer, follow-up postcard from Santa, Prancer or Rudolph harness tag, Elf friendship bracelet, Magical Santa Key, Nice List certificate.
Pricing from $14.95.

Package From Santa - options include: letter from Santa, Nice List certificate, autographed photo, custom letter from Rudolph, Piece of Santa's suit, Mahic North Pole snow, Reindeer Food in Collector's Tin.
Pricing $12.99-$49.99

A Letter From Santa - options include: letter from Santa (red foil envelope, hand-signed), Magic Christmas Dust, Nice List certificate, Glittery Reindeer Food, Reindeer bells.
Pricing $6.95-$29.95