Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am not a fan of Verizon.

I have Alltel. Well, Alltel is no more. Verizon now owns Alltel. Everything will be completly switch to Verizon on October 18th. I now have crappy touch-n-go service. I now barely ever have bars on my phone. Can I tell you that I don't like Verizon?! I LOVED Alltel!

I will say that I am excited about the phone selection that Verizon has. My next phone WILL be a Blackberry. A Pink one. I think.

I want a Blackberry but I also want an iPhone. I already have the iTouch and it is one of my favorite things in this world and I could totally deal with having my phone combined with it. It is so easy to use!

My contract is almost up and I don't know which phone I want?!