Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer is ending... Not good with a FlipFlopAholic child.

Things I am NOT Looking Forward To

My Birthday. I turn 25 this week and I think I might shed some tears.

Winter Clothing. I have no doubt in my mind that I will have a hard time getting Aubrey to wear clothes. Warm clothes. Something other than dresses. She wore dresses ALL SUMMER LONG. I tried to put a sweatshirt on her the other day and you would think that something was eating at her skin the way she had a tantrum!

My little FlipFlopAholic. She will have to step outside in the snow and get frost bite before she will wear socks and shoes. Maybe this transition will be easier if we buy her a new pair of shoes....

Football. I love Jeremy's thrill for the game but I can't just sit there and watch football on TV for hours straight like him. Going to a game is another story. I will try very hard to spend Saturdays watching football with him. GO BUCKEYES!

Things I Can't Wait For!

Aubrey is turning 3... AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO FOR HER BIRTHDAY! Just family at my house? Bouncy Place? Chuck E Cheese? Theme: Princesses? Halloween? Candy Buffet? I have all these things running through my head and I can't decide.

Halloween. I want to dress Aubrey as a cute little fuzzy animal for Halloween.
I can see her ignoring what I say and telling me she wants to be a princess. She already dresses like this everyday in her dress-up clothes (this morning she went to the sitters dressed at Tinkerbell). There are some VERY cute princess-y dresses that I think she would LOVE. We ended up talking about it this evening and she wants to be a Mermaid. I showed her the catalog and she picked out what Mermaid she wants to be.

Then comes Thanksgiving & Christmas...