Monday, August 24, 2009

LET'S GET FIT FOR 2010! 16 Week Weight Loss Challenge

As a Independent Beachbody Coach and Turbo Kick Instructor, I am on my quest to lose these last pesky 20 pounds! After I had my daughter my weight reached to 170 pounds. I lost 40 pounds almost instantly and have been struggling since the beginning of the year to get the rest of the weight OFF!

I need a boost and I know some others out there may need a boost and support, so I wanted to create this 16 week challenge. LET'S GET FIT FOR 2010!

Here's the deal:

1. Registration for the 16 Week Challenge begins TODAY and will close on Saturday, September 5th at midnight.

2. The challenge will begin on September 6th and end on December 27th (RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH YOUR AWESOME NEW BOD!!)

3. Weekly Weigh-In days will be up to you. You will weigh yourself once a week and send it to me via email at WEEKLY WEIGH-IN DATA IS DUE EVERY SUNDAY BY MIDNIGHT.
(WEEK 1 due Sept. 13th, WEEK 2 due Sept. 20th, WEEK 3 due Sept. 27, etc.)

4. Everyone will have different weight loss goals in these 16 weeks. Participants will be ranked based on the overall percentage of weight loss.

5. Every Monday I will be posting a Challenge and participants will be able to gain extra percentage of weight loss by participating in The Challenge. For every 20 bonus points earned, you can add 1% to your total. YEAH FOR A BONUS BOOST!

6. The winner will receive a FABULOUS prize package. (Details on contents to follow later but I promise it will be good stuff! I have guys participating so I will have to change the prize pack if a guy wins!)

(If you have any prize suggestions, let me know. I could always use ideas!)

SIGN UP! Send me an email at and tell me the following:
- Your name
- Your email
- Your blog address (if you have one)
- Your starting weight

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

1BP - Everyone who signs up gets 1 Bonus Point!
.5BP - Tell all your friends and if they sign up and you can get .5 Bonus Points/person.
(Tell them to list you as a referral)

(If your questions spark additional 'stuff' I need to address, I will edit this post.)