Thursday, August 20, 2009

LeapFrog Tag Junior and Zippity Learning System

(click on photo to take you to the demo site + a coupons)
I am trying to find the perfect gift for Aubrey's 3rd birthday. I found the Tag Junior. Aubrey loves books and I think she would really like this. Since this is a new toy, there are only 8 books and I really hope that they continue to supply books for this so I can my moolah worth. The package shown above is $47.99 on the LeapFrog website.

(click on the photo again)

Option 2: Zippity Learning System. FUN! I think Aubrey would have tons of fun with this but I can totally see her getting frustrated and saying her famous words 'I can't do it! I'm not good at it!' This may not be worth the $79.99.

Let me know what you think is an AWESOME 3rd birthday present!