Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The dreaded day is almost here...

In just 15 days days my 25th birthday will be here. Yup, September 3rd 1984 is the day that "I changed the world" (as Jer put it for someone elses bday!).

I have been trying to plan a night out the day after my bday but it seems like no one really wants to join me and I am really sad about it. I have yet to be to a Mud Hens baseball game this summer and I thought it would be fun to invite our friends. The first time I mentioned it to Jeremy, he didn't even seem interested and ignored me about it.

So far out of the 24 people I invited (on FB)... 3 people have responded and said they were coming! 5 Maybe! 6 Not Coming! People must really not like me.

I am over it and about to cancel the entire F'in thing! ::tears::