Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dell V305 - My New WIRELESS Printer

My old printer went to crap last week. (Well it didn't work for me but then decided to work for Jeremy after I already ordered this new one.)

Anyhoodle, I am loving my new printer thus far! Meet the Dell V305! The quality is great, I can scan, copy and print without threatening to throw it out the window. I can print from my work computer with out making the 5 mile walk and hooking it up. Jeremy can print also without making that 5 mile walk and taking up my desk space. I can even get to the printer options! (I don't think my old printer liked Windows Vista.) It is just bundle of AWESOMENESS!

I got FREE shipping on my $129 printer. Hopefully, my company with reimburse just a little of that moola... TBD.

Now I can print my naked pictures! Joking. Really.