Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BodyBugg vs. GoWear Fit (Calorie Management Systems)

I recently fell in love and then out of love with the BodyBugg fairly quickly.

I was turned on to another product, GoWear Fit, which is the SAME EXACT product plus a couple of extra features. The extra features include 2 activity levels and sleep duration and efficiency analysis. The BB has features that are useful if you are a 24 Hour Fitness Member, which I am not. Check out the comparison chart here!

Another bonus is the pricing:
Armband - $249.00
Digital Display - $99.95

GoWear Fit
Armband - $199.95 no commitment (plus $12.95/month) or
$179.99 6-month commitment ($9.95/month) or
$159.95 12-month commitment ($6.95/month) or
Digital Display - $99.95

$249.90 Armband and Digital Display 12-month commitment ($6.95/month)

I will now be purchasing the GoWear Fit!