Friday, July 10, 2009

Bodybugg: Now Collecting Donations ;-)

I am in love with the Bodybugg! After reading all the FANTASTIC reviews, I want this VERY expensive device! You know those funny jars with funny things to save money for (My bff had one for her Boob Job Fund) ...well I am getting one and it will say Bodybugg Fund!

LOL! I am a goof ball, I know! So friends and family... if you want to make donations to my Bodybugg Fund Jar, do so at right! I have already donated $5.00 to myself. I know I prob won't get a lot of hitters on this and I'm ok with it but hopefully I get like $5.00 from my peeps! I would donate a couple of dollars to your wanted gift or your plastic surgery!

I thought this PayPal thing was funny when I saw someone collect donations for their Nikon D3 and I wanted to know how to do the whole 'collect money through PayPal' thing.

Bodybugg Details -
> Uses specialized sensors to monitor calories burned with over 90% accuracy.
> Manages calorie consumption through a web-based program free for 6 months.
> Tracks steps with a built-in pedometer.
> Includes a 45-minute phone coaching session to help get you started.
> PC and Mac compatible.
> Runs on a rechargeable battery.