Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 1st Annual Sunglasses of the Summer

Shades of Summer
I found this on another site and thought I would start one on my blog and for all my friends!

Please email me by July 5th if you are planning on participating! Also, if you know any girls that would like to join, have them email me.

Rules for Shades of Summer:

1) When you receive the box, take out sunglasses. VERY IMPORTANT! Don't lose the paper with all the addresses.

2) Take a photo with the sunglasses on.

3) Print out 4x6 photo and include in box with sunglasses! Optional option is to scrap a 1-2 page 6x6 layout and place it in the box.

4) Please also email me a photo of you wearing shades.

5) Send out glasses within 4 days

6) Each person will pay for the postage to ship the photos and the glasses to the next person on the list. It shuldn't be that expensive.

7) I will then email you the photos of everyone that participated so you too can have a part of all the fun of meeting new friends!

If you can follow the above directions, send me an email with the following information: (

Street Address
City, State & Zip
Email address