Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MW Photo Scavenger Hunt

Some of you may know that I am a Consultant for Memory Works. Which basically, I sell Scrapbook Product. I am not very active with it but I love the discount that I get!

On the Memory Works message board they are having a challenge.

As Your Garden Grows Photo Challenge:
A picture is worth a thousand words. Some people have a flair for photography. You look at their photos and think “I wish I could take photos as nice as they do.” And you can’t get past the auto mode on your camera or are afraid to try the other modes or manual mode on your camera. This challenge is going to get you to try using your cameras other features. I’ll give you the basics on taking pictures of nature – flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. If there are any photographers or people with some knowledge of photography out there, feel free to chime in and give some pointers as well. We will cover both a point-and-shoot/compact digital camera and a dSLR camera. After you have learned about your camera’s features, then it is time to grab your camera, go outside, and take some pretty pictures, but not just any pictures, there is a catch.

Welcome to MW first ever Photo Scavenger Hunt! There will be a total of 10 photos that you must get for this challenge.

Here are the photos you must get:
1) Favorite place to hang-out/relax in the yard (or patio/deck if don’t have a yard)
2) Favorite place in the yard for parties and cook-outs/barbeques
3) Favorite flower in the yard (or someone else’s yard)
4) Something green (this one is easy)
5) A lawn/yard ornament (ex. Birdbath, pink flamingo, etc)
6) A lawn chair/patio furniture
7) Something blue
8) Favorite bird (or any bird)
9) Something brown
10) Water

Get close-ups, use macro mode (yes, this means getting down on the ground whether it be squatting or laying on the ground). Get pics from different angles (from above angling down, from below angling up, or at an angle/askewed by tilting the camera).

I am excited about this! My photos will be uploaded shortly. If any of you scrapbookers out there would like to participate, go ahead and leave me a comment and I will come check out your photos!